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Embark on a journey of understanding with our Insights section. Dive deep into insurance terminology, explore real-life claims examples, and delve into insightful blogs offering different perspectives on the commercial property landscape in New Zealand. Empower yourself with knowledge – because informed decisions are the best decisions.

CIX Insights


Glossary of Terms

Navigating the intricacies of insurance can be overwhelming, especially when confronted with common insurance industry jargon. In this comprehensive glossary, provided by The Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ) we break down common insurance-related terms, providing clear and concise explanations to empower you with knowledge...

Claims Examples

In this curated collection of claims examples, we present real-life scenarios within the New Zealand commercial property sector, illustrating the diverse challenges that property owners may face. While these examples may not be specific claims handled by CIX, these examples have also been provided by our trusted partner network, showcasing their expertise and importance in navigating, and resolving co...

Articles & Guides

Explore a wealth of valuable insights tailored to the dynamic landscape of the commercial property sector in New Zealand through our comprehensive Articles and Guides section. At CIX, we've dived deep into finding industry experts, bringing you public content that delves into the latest trends, risk management strategies, and regulatory updates shaping the New Zealand insurance and commercial propert...



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